We provide direction!

Strategy: A strategy is a plan of action designed to achieve a vision. Strategy is all about gaining (or being prepared to gain) a position of advantage over adversaries or best exploiting emerging possibilities. As there is always an element of uncertainty about future, strategy is more about a set of options (“strategic choices”) than a fixed plan. It derives from the Greek “στρατηγία” (strategia), “office of general, command, generalship” – Henry George Liddell, Robert Scott, A Greek-English Lexicon, on Perseus Digital Library

Our Philosophy regarding Online Presence Consulting

Online Presence Consultants philosophy – Speak “in business”.

We believe that many web marketing, internet presence consultants and online presence management companies and consultants focus more on the technical aspect of your online presence management rather than the business application of your online presence.

This is why our philosophy revolves around speaking “in business”. We strongly believe that all the aspects promoted by other consultants are indeed very important, however we are also aware that ultimately a business owner or entity needs to understand in real terms what online presence management can do for their business.

Importance of Online Presence Strategy

We have seen many a business boast 1,000’s sometimes 100’s of 1,000’s of Facebook fans, Website visits, Subscribers, Keyword placements on search engines and the likes. Our major concern revolves around one element how are you maximising your online presence? Do not get us wrong they are all great feats, yet without strategy behind them they are all useless or at best only giving a fraction of the return they should be via chance.

Any good decent consultant that has your best interest at heart will start by helping you define a strategy for your online presence, the strategy should be in line with your business’s general strategy and should ensure that you are increasing your exposure, sales and brand awareness in a way that is in line with your business’s identity and strategy. At times a strategy may be developed to allow you to re-brand your business or change your business strategy to adapt to new market trends and maximising your potential online; however your online presence should never be managed without a strategy. 

So how will your online presence consultant assist you in developing your strategy; we start by understanding your business’s strategy, the next step is evaluating and coming up with a suggested plan of action to implement and integrate your business’s strategy into your online presence. We will evaluate the three avenues of your online presence which we have simplified into the following:

Focus and segmentation of your Online presence strategy

Social Media & Direct Contact

This includes platforms such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Youtube, Blogs, Reviews and all social media presences you have as well as including any direct contact you have with your clients online such as mailing lists, messenger contacts, skype contacts and audio visual interactions you may have with your clients. This includes any online media that you do not have absolute control and ownership over such as third party forums, blogs, news sites etc.

Websites & Blogs

This includes all online presences which you own generally referring to your websites and blogs it may also extend to landing pages used for your campaigns as well as in certain situations your own intranet, databases, applications etc. We cover a myriad of subjects ranging from security to search engine optimisation as well as hosting costs, domain ownership and a number of other aspects. We make sure though that we translate each term to “in business” speak.

Search Engines & Directories

We also assist you in preparing a strategy for targeting search engines to ensure you have good placements for terms which your clients query search engines and directories for, more importantly we also focus on managing your online presence on these mediums ensuring a structured approach to out doing your competition. We like to look at search engines as the good old “City know it all” people used to ask “the city know it all” where do I find so and so? Now they ask google, bing, yahoo and other search engines as well as online directories; this is why your business needs to ensure it is the answer given.

Business focus of Online presence strategy

We focus on a number of aspects when assisting you in developing your online presence strategy however our main focus is on Exposure, Sales & Branding whilst we do go into other elements such as business environment analysis, industry background, competitive analysis, market analysis, marketing, operations, financials, product placement,  etc. These are evaluated on a case by case basis depending on how in depth you wish us to go and your business’s individual needs. We will elaborate further on these elements in our initial consultation meeting and further on in our relationship.