You are online, now what? Online Presence Strategy & Management is the key to your success!


Like all business your online presence requires direction, we can assist you in translating and applying your offline direction into your online interactions.


Once you know where you are going with your online presence you need to ensure you can keep yourself heading in the right direction we can assist you with this.

Online Presence Return on Investment

Return On Investment

All efforts online should give a return on investment, our top priority is ensuring that you get the best possible return on investment from your online presence.

Online Exposure


There are a number of ways to increase exposure online such as search engines, social media, forums, news sites, virally & advertising. Let us assist in maximising your online presence

Improve Online Sales


Exposure is great, however exposure is useless unless it is followed by solid conversions to sales, we can help you maximise your online conversions!

Branding Online


Your online presence can be a strong branding opportunity. There are many ways to brand your business online and a lot of facets to consider. We can help!

Social media consultant

Social Media & Direct contact

Your clients may use machines but they are most definitely human. Social media can make or break your online presence we can assist you in using it effectively.

Web Consultation

Websites & Blogs

Your website & blog are your outlet online, they should be maximised for increasing exposure and conversions. Ultimately they are the only space you fully control.

SEO Consulting

Search Engines & Directories

Search engine optimisation and directory listings can greatly increase your exposure online, used wisely they can greatly improve your online presence.

Your Online Presence Consultants

Welcome to your online presence solution

There are a number of reasons we have developed our service, however the main reason is due to a long period of market analysis, we found that many businesses small and large often find themselves getting a very low return on investment from their online presence upon in depth research and analysis of clients from a wide variety of industries we found that the reasons where generally always the same!

Online Presence Mistakes

Our research found that above all the two biggest reasons for online presence failures where a lack of Online Presence Strategy & Management; the reasons for this where generally also the same across a multitude of industries, most of our clients felt that they had little understanding and knowledge with regards to building an online presence. This assumption worried us, truth is that the online world is very similar to the real world and is now part of the real world. Our major role is helping our clients understand how similar their online presence is to their offline! We consult our clients in real world terms and generally train them and their staff members to apply their real world knowledge into their online presence.

Online Presence Solutions

We assist our clients in a number of ways, we also work with many other providers of online services to deliver the best results, ultimately we are a holistic online presence consultancy firm we exist to help businesses in all fields to achieve the best return on investment from their online presence by assisting in developing their online presence strategy and assisting in the management and implementation of their online presence strategy. ultimately we focus strongly on the three main areas where businesses will have an online presence, social media, websites and blogs, search engines and directories.

Online Presence – Social Media & Direct Communication

Social media is a vast subject, it goes a lot deeper than social networking sites, using “Kaplan & Haenlein” model we segment social media into the following six areas – Collaborative projects (Such as wikipedia), Blogs, Social Networking Sites (such as Facebook), Content Communities (such as youtube), Virtual Social Worlds (such as second life), Virtual Game worlds (such as World of Warcraft having over 10 million users). We also include in this section of focus direct communication such as email, VOIP & other direct contact media. Click the title to visit the dedicated page for more information about this section.

Online Presence – Websites and Blogs

As you may have noticed blogs fall under social media, this area of focus however is about your websites and blogs, for this reason they have been separated and given a major focus, we can assist you in a large number of ways with your online presence in relation to your own space on the web, from content generation, on site search engine optimisation, cost evaluation (long term & short term), return on investment and a wide variety of other aspects click the title to visit the dedicated page for more information about this section.

Online Presence – Search Engines and Directories

Search engine optimisation and directory listings have the potential to drive a lot of traffic to your online presence, search engines can also be very dangerous territory in terms of reputation management due to ranking of popular review sites. There are many ways to use search engines to your benefit and online directories can be used for a multitude of reasons. This subject is vast and requires careful planning. We can assist you in this regard. Click the title to visit the dedicated page for more information about this section.

Online Presence – Offline

Ultimately there are a variety of ways to brand and market your business both online and offline we assist in creating synergies between your offline efforts and online efforts so that you can acquire a double benefit from both presences of your business, however we specialise in online presnece consultancy, we emphasize on this since it is important to understand that we are specialists in the online side of your business, however we often work in synergy with your offline strategy to create a harmonious synergy.

Online Presence Management

Online Presence Management is the act of managing (handling the direction or control) of an entity that is connected to one or more other computers or networks. Definition by Online Presence Consultant